Friday, 4 August 2017


Mediwiet provided several free whey oils to a group of fybo pathients on the condition that they would like to share their experiences.
We received the following messages
Gerdina: My experience is that I do not benefit from the CBD drops..It is also impossible to find an upper limit..The dark drops work relaxing and I'm getting lost..They do not do much for the pain and I'm not falling asleep..I now use 8 drops a day..2 for afternoon and six for sleeping..I do not believe my upper limit has already been reached..The only thing I really will resist is dropping under my tongue..There is always something on the pipette and already hits your tongue and it is difficult to dose..Especially the taste makes me increasingly difficult.
June 25 at 10:03
Bianca: Hi my experience is the capsule I feel nothing in my head (weird) but just relaxed..Of course, I'll take my own medication again. The THC will take me to sleep before I get better.
June 25 at 10:10
Brenda: Notice that I sleep well and my stomach is improving and believe me that's fine ... probably painful effect on me is lower because I use methylphenidate but the relaxation I get is wonderful ... only I get awake ... stay nice get on..Now wsl overload arms so swallow now cebrex
June 25 at 10:14
Piep Piep: So I have used the thc oil for a long time..Even before you started the test kit..Just about 5 drops for the night and I sleep like a rose..Because of your experiences, I ordered a bottle of cbd oil again..These I use today by day..In the morning about 5 drops and 5 drops in the course of the day..I have the idea that the days were so reasonable for me..And of course I have to keep living as I learned..In balance!!!!.It's not a miracle, but it does..Furthermore, I do not use any medication for the fm..Not long for anymore..Does not help that junk?.Only before the migraine daily a tablet and if necessary in an attack..I can say I'm satisfied.
June 25 at 10:19
Carola:.I'm fine with three drops three times a day three drops..Sleep well and have a lot less pain walking is also much better..And above all I'm off the morphine patches..Can stay longer on the couch last night..And use the scooter only at long distances..So for me, the test with the drops has been a result.
June 25 at 10:41
Lianne: The CDB drops I take as soon as needed on a lesser day 2 times 3 drops..And before sleep THC 3 drops I sleep well..If I have an appointment, I do not slack anything..Upper limit not found..One time I respond better than the other time..So sure progress for me.
June 25 at 11:03
Ria: I spend a couple of weeks a bit the same, 4cbd in the morning 4cbd in the afternoon 3cbd around 18.00 at 22.00 2thc and at 22.45 3thc feel very calm have a little more energy but for the pain it does not matter and I sleep much better About 6 to 7 hours, first I slept 4 hours, I was tired and bleak all day, so it went well
June 25 at 11:51
Maaike: I only have the drips savonds and then my muscles are at rest
June 25 at 12:09
Sandra: Use the same morning 3x CBD every day, this I repeat 2 to 3x a day and before the sleep the THC drop 3 to 4 pieces..Just sleep well after 12 o'clock and during the day I feel better, better..The first weeks were top and a whole improvement to a normal day of pain to act..In the meantime, 1 1/2 week has a lot of strain on my body and is terribly tired so my medication I use now, or else I will not go through the day if I want to reduce it again from tomorrow..So I think it helps me but with a lot of pain?.Please be sure to check it out
June 25 at 14:30
Jolanda Good: afternoon, I took two CBD drops twice a day and a capsule of hemp seed..I notice today my body is relaxed..And I sleep well, but I'm not so lucky enough, so deeper..And that feels better than getting up.
June 25 at 19:36
Laura: I take 2 cbd drops 2xdays and it certainly helps..The pain is getting worse for me and therefore I have some more energy and I feel better in my skin..I stopped the Lyrica..
The effect of the thc is still very varied..Sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I do not sleep yet!.I'm getting a lot more waking than when I still swallowed melatonin, so that's a big advantage?.
I put the drops on a spoon and put it under my tongue..Easy dosing, no flap with a mirror..The taste I have used to is good, I think the thc is almost delicious
I did not get a good deal for a week when the thc fell badly in combination with flu and little food.
June 25 at 22:28
Joke: at the moment, I go to bed before 2 o'clock and a spoon of oil ...... I'm pretty sleepy, the pain in my shoulder is unfortunate ... ... every time I wake up .... I do not realize that I Now you can get to sleep sooner!.Little regret that I did not go for the capsules because I have a lot of trouble with the taste of both the thc and the oil ...... usually I take something sweet there! The honor that I chose for the oil is that I have it Want to try my psoriasis!.In any case, almost no painkiller or codeine need more!
June 26 at 1:36
Aleida: I like it..Use mainly the thc drops to sleep better..The cbd only use me occasionally..I really need my head at work and I do not feel well with the cbd..But to be used on weekends
June 26 at 23:07
Carin: Since I have those capsules, I have only one of those when I lie in bed together with half a rattle for my legs and sleep, I'm doing very well..Not long ago..After these 2 operations, recovery is quick without further media
June 27 at 9:18
Joke: I think I'll order those capsules too, but I'll use the oil for my skin!


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