Saturday, 29 July 2017

CBD Prescription: What Does CBD Means?

Anfang letzten Monats ging die Meldung durch die einschlägigen Medien: Zum 1. Oktober diesen Jahres wurde in Deutschland das Cannabinoid Cannabidiol CBD in die Anlage 1 der Arzneimittelverschreibungsordnung (AMVV) aufgenommen. Damit unterliegt CBD als Arzneimittel grundsätzlich der Verschreibungspflicht. Besonders Händler und Produzenten von CBD-haltigen Produkten, wie Salben, Massageölen oder ähnlichem fürchten, dass sie ihre Produkte nun nicht mehr frei im Handel vertreiben können. Ob die neue Regulierung allerdings auch für Produkte gilt, die nicht als Arzneimittel angeboten werden, steht derzeit noch nicht sicher fest. Nicht nur Unternehmer sind durch die neue Regelung verunsichert, auch Konsumenten befürchten Probleme zu gekommen sich zukünftig mit CBD zu versorgen.

The DHV has gathered some information on its website to create at least some more clarity. According to Florian Riester, the inclusion of CBD in the AMVV does not automatically mean a general ban on sales outside pharmacies. The regulation also lists known substances such as zinc or vitamin C. These medicines are prescription or pharmacy, but can be sold as food additives or food supplements, free of drug stores or health care centers. The same can now also apply to CBD. To offer the substance as a medicine outside the pharmacy was already illegal before the new regulation. As a massage oil or animal feed offered CBD however without problems could be distributed.

This could continue to be the case. Since the positive effects that many CBD users experience so far are not scientifically documented, the substance is not necessarily classified as a "functional drug" - a product with proven soothing effects. In case of doubt, this must be clarified by a legal procedure. Whether and to what extent the authorities are working against CBD is still difficult to predict. In the case of food and other hemp products, which naturally contain a low quantity of CBD, experts assume that the products concerned are not affected by the new regulation.

Either way, users do not have any legal consequences to fear because they do not commit a crime with the acquisition of CBD for private use without a prescription. There could be problems for traders only. So far, the DHV is not aware of a case in which a dealer would have received a criminal complaint.

The situation could even improve slightly for patients. With the official prescription of CBD, the drug is recognized as a drug. This could lead to the fact that CBD is perceived by doctors more as a treatment option. However, this still applies to the fact that most medical specialists have enormous knowledge gaps that need to be closed.


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