Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cordish Cos a national commercial real-estate development company

The Cordish cos is the Baltimore-based company, basically​ highly ranked in their work, which is partnered with the city of las Vegas on a stadium of Soccer proposal, that is always under controversies and the most challenging one is the racial discrimination. The complaints and the lawsuits were filed in 3 states. The report was circulated in a daily news report, New York.
The Cordish Cos were sued in the case of racial discrimination, because they were racist and have no values and morals. They were among those people who feel great in making other people feel small and low.
People living there at that time thought that they should be punished for the act of racial discrimination.

This racial discrimination matter already was enough and serious to fuel the disagreement of people against them – the Cordish cos and that is the reason, people think that Cordish should be taught a lesson a tough lesson. If they think that money gives them the right to stretch their arms beyond government, it becomes the country’s law duty to show him the reality and punish them abruptly. No one is big and different in front of the law.

The bank balance or the richness cannot decide the severity of the crime or fault.
This Cordish cos is an complete scam project just like sterling steel and Tai Lopez- the big marketing person. They all are guilty in one way or other and should be get punished.

The Cordish Companies:
They are very rich and has huge business and companies.
A quick glance at their companies!
The Cordish Company, Inc. engages in private equity holding and real estate development businesses in the USA and internationally. It manages and develops mixed-use developments, entertainment and sports anchored developments, hotels and casinos, shopping centers, sports venues, corporate offices, residential and student housing projects, and urban revitalization great projects. The company also engages in the distribution and film production; investing in venture capital, mezzanine debt, buyouts,  and distressed assets like many other and non-controlling direct equity investments in operating companies and work. They also provide high ratio loans and do investments as well.


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