Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Most Significant Moments to Add in Your Wedding Album

Wedding is a very important moment for everyone and who doesn’t wish to make it perfect and memorable? There are several elements in any wedding ceremony determining its success including special moments, arrangements, wedding dresses, catering, wedding cards and many others. The role of photographer is also vital as he has the responsibility to capture some special moments and make those memorable by adding them in the wedding album. It is you who will finalize the pictures to be included in the album, so you must be aware about the most beautiful and touching moments. Here we bring some of the significant points to be selected in wedding album.

Phere:  While talking about Indian rituals and traditions, role of Pheras is quite important. This is considered to be most significant ritual, needed to tie two people in a sacred and lifetime relation. Bride and groom are not married until they take 7 Pheras according to Hindu traditions. So, as this is the most significant part, some pictures capturing this moment must be there in your album.

Baraat: Now, coming to the Baraat section of wedding, all know that bride is treated like queen of the day, so the groom should appear like the king. The way the groom dress up and arrives to the wedding proves that he is the king today. A moment where Maharaja of the day is dancing can be nice addition to your wedding album. Other than this, don’t forget to add the captured fun of dancing Baraatis.

Pre Wedding Ceremonies: Several pre wedding ceremonies are performed in Indian weddings, which come with several traditional rituals and fun elements. These ceremonies including Haldi, Mehandi, and many others come with several vibrant colors and beautiful smiles. Add some beautifully captured moments in your album, reminding you about some beautiful smiles and fun from people having importance in your life.

Emotions of Your Loved Ones: Everyone loving you from the bottom of their heart also have some emotions for you. And, those all can be witnessed completely and purely on your wedding day. You will find people including your parents, siblings, grandparents and other attached ones getting emotional on your special moments. You must not miss stealing and adding these moments in your album.

Vidai:  Although there are many more moments to be mentioned in Album, but being price Vidaai is yet another very important moment you can’t miss to add in your marriage photo album. Coming to the end of all long time celebrations and fun, this is the easier said than done moment for bride and her parents. You must have added several happy moments in your album, but without these emotional tears you album is not complete yet. Don’t forget to capture and add these lovely tears as well in your marriage album.

Well, there are some more important segments you add consider adding, but don’t forget to consider the mentioned ones. Hope you like it.
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